Travels with my Camera is the online gallery and travel blog of Chris and Lucy Charlesworth, dad and daughter photographers, and along with wife and mum Bev, keen travellers.

We have a passion for photographically capturing the world around use. We're in competition ‘photographically’ with no one and have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone. We don't think that technical perfection should be an all-consuming concern, and neither should producing an accurate pictorial record of a subject or a location. For us photography is all about mood, emotion and telling a story.

In the gallery, you’ll find images in both colour and monochrome from around the UK and Europe, all of which have been taken purely for pleasure. If you like any of the images and would like to use it for editorial purposes or would like a print or canvas to hang in your home, then please e-mail us using the contact page and we’ll provide you with the necessary pricing information.